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    I'm Fabian, a young creative from the north.


    A little something about me, what I do.

    This is me

    A young creative from the north

    My journey began before I did. My family always had an artistic side to them. From quite a young age I loved drawing and painting. Later on I started photographing and making music, mostly light classical and jazz. Now I'm a designer, a creator of things.
    Throughout my continuing journey I have been fortunate to work with businesses, (study) associations, models, friends, new faces, old faces, cultures and colors, finding new inspiration in every project.
    I’m very thankful for the endless possibilities the media world of today has to offer me and I’m very eager to find out where this journey is going to take me. I know that it is one with great honor.

    Participations & Awards

    From the creative side

    June 10, 2014

    Cannes Young Lions Media Competition 2014

    May 12, 2014

    Winner Young in Media Competition 2014


    Where the work reaches the audience


    Team Initiative wint YIM Media Lions

    Marketing Tribune

    Initiative wint YIM Cannes Lions competitie


    Conceive difference through photography


    This is my blog. But it is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

    Conceive difference through photography

    When one goes photographing, we try to conceive a world through our own eyes and interpret them as we see it. But eventually, we make photos to tell stories. For others, next to ourselves...

    15 Aug


    I'm always open to get in contact. So mail me and I'll respond as soon as possible!

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